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Embrace cold showers to improve health.

Athletes have been using cold therapy for years post-training and games in an effort to improve and speed up recovery. Now you might not have access to an expensive high-performance ice bath but believe it or not cold showers are simple and a very effective bio-hack.

One of the benefits of cold showers is that it can actually help to promote fat loss, crazy right? So how does it work? Well, you have what is known as brown fat which you may know better as brown adipose tissue.

This is activated to produce heat when your body gets cold. This process of heating up the body requires energy and plenty of it. Now don’t go thinking you can just have cold showers all day and drop 10kgs its not like that at all. But rather a combination of methods to ensure your body uses more calories than it consumes is what leads to fat loss.

Another benefit of cold showers is an improvement in immunity.

According to research by Dr. Geert A. Buijze taking cold showers reduced the total number of sick days employees had by 29%.

Cold showers trigger the production of more white blood cells which then help fight disease.

Some other amazing benefits include:

- Reduction in stress

- Better circulation

- Possible reduction in depression

- Increase testosterone in men

- Improve fertility in men


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