We help you lose between 10-20kgs in just 24 weeks.

If you want any of the following to happen, then you have come to the right place:

- lose excess weight

- get stronger to protect your body

- improve your health

- improve your pain 

- improve your movement

Ultimate Fitness Qld is a private transformation centre built around 3 core principles

1. Effectiveness

2. Community

3. Support

You can get fitness anywhere, in fact there are probably 10+ fitness facilities within a few km's of where you live, but what makes UFQ different?

If I use the words of our members "UFQ is a supportive family that is like nowhere else." 

Our aim is to ensure you achieve the results you want whilst being apart of an amazing community that is accepting and inclusive, whether your a complete beginner, whether your 70 years of age or whether your battling with mental health.

Members come to us because they say the bigger gyms are overwhelming, intimidating and full of posers (their words lol). 

Hopefully we see you around one of our locations soon.


Hi, my name is Jason AKA The Big Dawg and I am the founder and director of UFQ.  I started this business back in 2014 as a sole personal trainer working for one of the big corporate gyms, and in 2020 I decided to launch the first of our very own facilities during the Covid-19 Pandemic, crazy right?

I believe my purpose and mission in life is to help transform the lives of as many people as I can by helping them take ownership of their situation and pushing their excuses aside.

I put all my heart, time and passion into UFQ, its staff, it's trainer's and of course YOU, its members who we call a family. Fitness is fitness and you can get that anywhere. But, a community, a vibe and a collective of people is what we are all about.



Sonia P.

“I train with UFQ up to six days a week. I have two semi-private PT sessions each week with coach Alana and I attend 3-4 classes a week which focus on developing fitness, speed and strength. I have experienced positive changes both mentally and physically and refer to the gym as my happy place. As an over 50, I love that I feel comfortable working out with the support of so many people.”